Letter to the Night

Letter to the Night, begins with a sculpture based on a skylight found in the Cleve Carney Art Center. As if filled in or bricked up, color emanates from behind the piece and calls on the viewer to consider what lies beyond the frame of an idyllic landscape. This form is echoed throughout the space, counting time in shifting phases of light and shadow. Video, soundscape and drawings create a constellation of vantage points within the room. At the intersection of process, architecture and admiration for the cosmos, Carter considers the line between the rituals of observation and material experimentation in the studio. Interest in light, landscape and language, fuel the work and raise questions of movement and communication across a vast distance and reveals that the atmosphere is a faulty lens.

This installation is accompanied by a full color publication titled, Shadow Velocities: On The Work of Dana Carter, an extensive essay written and curated by Karsten Lund.